30-50nm Copper Oxide Nanoparticles CuO nanopowder

Short Description:

Nano-copper oxide has volume effect, quantum size effect, surface effect and macro quantum tunneling effect. It exhibits special physical and chemical properties different from ordinary copper oxide in terms of light absorption, magnetism, thermal resistance, catalyst, chemical activity and melting point. As a new type of important functional material, it also has good application prospects in biomedicine, sensors, catalytic materials and environmental governance.

Product Detail

30-50nm Copper Oxide Nanoparticles CuO Nanopowder


Code J622
Name Copper Oxide Nanopartcles
Formula CuO


Particle Size 30-50nm
Purity 99%
MOQ 1kg
Appearance black powder powder
Package 1kg/bag in double anti-static bags, 25kg in a drum. 
Potential applications Sensors, catalysts, sterilizing materials, desulfurizers, etc.



Application of CuO nanoparticles Copper Oxide nanopowders

*As a desulfurizer
Nano CuO is an excellent desulfurization product, which can exhibit excellent activity at room temperature, and the removal accuracy of H2S can reach below 0.05 mg·m-3. After optimization, the penetration sulfur capacity of nano CuO reaches 25.3% at a space velocity of 3 000 h-1, which is higher than other desulfurization products of the same type.

*The antibacterial properties of nano-CuO The antibacterial process of metal oxides can be simply described as: Under the excitation of light with energy greater than the band gap, the generated hole-electron pairs interact with O2 and H2O in the environment, and the generated reactive oxygen species are free The base chemically reacts with the organic molecules in the cell to decompose the cell and achieve the purpose of antibacterial. Since CuO is a p-type semiconductor, it has holes (CuO) +, which may interact with the environment and play an antibacterial or antibacterial effect. Studies have shown that nano-CuO has good antibacterial ability against pneumonia and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

*The application of nano CuO in sensors
Nano CuO has the advantages of high specific surface area, high surface activity, specificity and extremely smallness, which makes it very sensitive to the external environment such as temperature, light and humidity. Application of it in the sensor field can greatly improve the response of the sensor Speed, sensitivity and selectivity.

* Catalysis of thermal decomposition of propellant
The application of ultrafine nano-scale catalysts is one of the important ways to adjust the combustion performance of propellants. Nano-copper oxide is an important burning rate catalyst in the field of solid propellants.


Storage Condition:

Copper Oxide Nanoparticles CuO nanopowder should be stored in sealed, avoid light, dry place. Room temperature storage is ok.

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