D:< 50nm,L:> 10um Silver nanowires for transparent conductive films

Short Description:

For Silver nanowire, we have three specifications: D:<30nm,L:>20um; D:<50nm,L:>10um; D:<100nm,L:>10um. Hongwu Nano is one of China's leading manufacture in nanoparticles, and for the silver nanowire, we offer good and stable quality and quantity in eco-friendly production process. Silver Nanowires can be appliced for transparent condutive films, a popular material to replace ITO nanoparticles.

Product Detail

D:<50nm,L:>10um Silver nanowires


Code G586-2
Name Silver nanowires / Ag nanowires
Formula Ag
CAS No. 7440-22-4
Diameter <50nm
Length >10um
Purity 99.9%
Appearance Grey wet powder
Package 1g, 5g, 10g in bottles or pack as required.
Potential applications Ultra-small circuits; flexible screens; solar batteries; conductive adhesives and thermal conductive adhesives, etc.


Transparent conductive films (TCFs) refer to film materials with high light transmittance in the visible light range (λ=380-780ηπι) and excellent conductivity (resistivity is generally lower than 10-3Ω.cm). Transparent conductive films are widely used, mainly in the fields of optoelectronic devices such as transparent electrodes of liquid crystal displays, touch screens, and transparent electrodes of thin-film solar cells.

Silver nanowire (AgNW) film has good electrical, optical and mechanical properties, and has attracted wide attention of scientific researchers in recent years. Silver nanowires have a high specific surface area, good electrical conductivity, Thermal conductivity, flex resistance, nano-optical properties, and surface plasma effect, so it has a wide range of fields in solar cells, medical imaging, surface enhanced spectroscopy, high-brightness LEDs, conductive adhesives, touch screens, liquid crystal displays, sensors, environmental protection, catalysts, etc. Applications.

Apart from application in TCFs, also Silver nanowires / Ag nanowires can be applied for antibacterial, catalyst, etc. 

Storage Condition:

Silver nanowires should be stored in sealed, avoid light, dry place. Room temperature storage is ok.


50nm Ag nanowire

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