There are a lot of new technologies in the materials industry, but few have been industrialized. Scientific research studies the problem of “from zero to one”, and what companies have to do is to turn the results into mass-produced products with stable quality. Hongwu Nano is now industrializing scientific research results. Nano silver series materials such as silver nanowires are the leading products of Hongwu Nano. In recent years, There have been considerable progress and development on both market feedback, production technology, quality and output, etc., and the prospects are very optimistic. Below are some knowledge of nano silver wires for your reference. 

1. Product description

      Silver nanowire is a one-dimensional structure with a horizontal limit of 100 nanometers or less (there is no limit in the vertical direction). The silver nanowires(AgNWs) can be stored in different solvents such as deionized water, ethanol, isopropanol, etc.. The diameter ranges from tens of nanometers to hundreds of nanometers, and the length can reach tens of microns depending on the preparation conditions.

2. Preparation of nano Ag wires

      The preparation methods of Ag nano wires mainly include wet chemical, polyol, hydrothermal, template method, seed crystal method and so on. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the synthesized morphology of Ag nanowires has a relatively large relationship with the reaction temperature, reaction time, and concentration.

2.1. Effect of reaction temperature: In general, the higher the reaction temperature, the silver nanowire will grow thicker, the reaction speed will increase, and the particles will decrease; when the temperature decreases a little, the diameter will be smaller, and the reaction time will be much longer. Sometimes the reaction time will be longer. Low-temperature reactions sometimes cause particles to increase.

2.2. Reaction time: The basic process of nano silver wire synthesis is:

1) synthesis of seed crystals;

2) reaction to generate a large number of particles;

3) growth of silver nanowires;

4) thickening or decomposition of silver nanowires.

Therefore, how to find the best stopping time is very important. Generally, if the reaction is stopped earlier, the nano silver wire will be thinner, but it is shorter and has more particles. If the stop time is later, the silver nanowire will be longer, the grain will be less, and sometimes it will be noticeably thicker.

2.3. Concentration: The concentration of silver and additives in the process of silver nanowire synthesis have a great influence on the morphology. Generally speaking, when the silver content is higher, the synthesis of Ag nanowire will be thicker, the content of nano Ag wire will increase and the content of silver particles will also increase, and the reaction will speed up. When the concentration of silver decreases, the synthesis of silver nano wire will be thinner, and the reaction will be relatively slow.

3. Main specification of Hongwu Nano’s Silver Nanowires:

Diameter: <30nm, <50nm, <100nm

Length: >20um

Purity: 99.9%

4. Application fields of silver nanowires:

4.1. Conductive fields: transparent electrodes, thin-film solar cells, smart wearable devices, etc.; with good conductivity, low resistance change rate when bending.

4.2. Biomedicine and antibacterial fields: sterile equipment, medical imaging equipment, functional textiles, antibacterial drugs, biosensors, etc.; strong antibacterial, non-toxic.

4.3. Catalysis industry: With large specific surface area and higher activity, it is a catalyst for multiple chemical reactions.

Based on strong research and development strength, now silver nanowires aqueous inks can be customized also. Parameters, such as specification of Ag nanowires, viscosity, can be adjustable. AgNWs ink is easily to be coated and has good adhesion and low square resistance.


Post time: May-31-2021