Antimony doped tin dioxide nano powder (ATO) is a material with semiconductor properties. As a semiconductor material, it has some of the following semiconductor properties:


1.  Band gap: ATO has a moderate band gap, usually around 2 eV. The size of this gap allows it to perform well as a semiconductor at room temperature.


2.  Electrical conductivity: ATO can be an N type or P type semiconductor, depending on the type and concentration of doping. When antimony is doped, ATO exhibits N-type conductivity, which is the flow of electrons resulting from the migration of electrons into the conduction band. The higher the doping concentration, the stronger the conductivity. In contrast, when tin oxide is mixed with other elements, such as aluminum, zinc or gallium, P-type doping can be formed. That is, the current flow caused by the migration of positive holes into the valence band.


3.  Optical properties: ATO for visible light and near-infrared light has a certain transparency. This gives it potential in optical applications, such as photocells, light sensors, etc.


4.  Thermal properties: ATO has good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient, which has advantages in some thermal management applications.


Therefore, Nano ATO is often used in conductive layers and transparent conductive films in electronic devices, and is widely used in various electronic devices. For semiconductor transmission, the high conductivity and transparency of ATO are very important characteristics. It can be used as a transparent electrode material in photoelectric devices, such as solar cells, liquid crystal displays, etc. In these devices, transport performance is critical for the smooth transfer of electron streams, and the ATO’s high conductivity allows electrons to be efficiently transported within the material.


In addition, ATO can also be applied to conductive nano inks, conductive adhesives, conductive powder coatings and other fields. In these applications, the semiconductor material can achieve the transmission of current through a conductive layer or a conductive film. In addition, the visible light transmission of the underlying material can be maintained because of its transparency.


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