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we have been proudly producing, packaging and selling our solution ourselves for many years.

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Hongwu owns the jurisdiction of four product research and development laboratory, a testing center, an applied research laboratory and a pilot test base, specializing in the commercialization of wide range of inorganic nanoparticles and innovative materials of 21st century since 2002. We has been exploring markets, develoing innovative technologies, and providing breakthrough solutions using our nanomaterials expertise, committed to renovating the fall short of traditional materials.




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You can select off-the-shelf nanomaterials or have it customized to suit your needs.

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Hongwu's mission: as a professional supplier in the field of nano new materials with related service

Hongwu's value: quality and customers first, honest and trustworthy, first-class service.

Hongwu's management philosophy: modular management, stick to market-oriented, to meet the reasonable demands of customers as responsibility. Focus on the profession with deep plowing and careful cultivation.

what we do

  • Business module

    Adhering to the market-oriented, satisfying customers' reasonable demands as Hongwu own responsibility, focusing on the industry, intensively cultivating, being a professional supplier and related service provider in the field of nano-new materials, in addition to providing conventional products, it can also be tailored according to customer specific requirements. We will continue to improve product quality and service levels, better serve our customers from home and abroad, acheive win-win success.
  • Production Module

    Hongwu has advanced production equipment, advanced process steps and perfect production control system. In the production process, the company's overall values of practicing quality first are implemented. To ensure that the products produced are absolutely stable.
  • R&D module

    Hongwu has a professional R&D team composed of experienced nanotechnology researchers and senior engineers, doctoral students, and professors in the development of new products. With Hongwu Research Institute and universities as technical support, we closely follow the market demand and continue to develop and produce new materials.
  • Security module

    For the smooth operation of the company as a whole, we have a professional and well-trained security team, including human resources, administration, finance, procurement, logistics, legal, financial and other aspects to provide comprehensive protection, all the company's colleagues work together, work hard, in the majority with the support of customers from home and abroad, we are constantly creating new glories.

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what our Clients said

  • We have done a number of comparative experiments and obtained satisfactory results. Soon our purchasing department will arrange new orders. Please prepare 8-10kg silver powder for us and make sure it is the same as the last order. Thanks
  • Arrived very quickly and great material to use. We are currently testing it in our batches and so far it’s performing really well I just hope it will add protection for a long time. Is there any other liquids or powders that you have that are soluble in oil/solvent/waxes that will aid it repellency of water we could use along side the sio2 powder.
  • The previous ZnO nanopowder fits our application. And we are going to get another 800kg. Please send me offer on that and 2000kgs and indicate the lead time. Thank you.
  • For the 100-200nm Si, Last 3kg works good for our application. We’d like to run a 20kg trial order next month, and next step will be 100kg. Please indicate your best price, also shipping and lead time for 20kg and 100kg, thanks.
  • So far Pt nanopowder testing is good, we need another 10g for more testing and evaluation ASAP. Please sent the Proforma Invoice.

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Industrial application oriented, adapting to changing needs. For last two decades, we build our reputation in the industry from our clients by consistent quality and excellent solutions.


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