Epoxy resin (EP) is one of the most widely used thermal solid polymer materials. It has the characteristics of excellent adhesion, thermal stability, electrical insulation, chemical resistance and high strength, low contraction rate, low price, etc. It is widely used in various fields such as coatings, adhesives, light industry, construction, machinery, aerospace, electronic electrical insulation materials, and advanced composite materials. However, due to the disadvantages of epoxy resin curioma, low impact strength, cracking, and poor anti -static electricity, its further application is limited.

silicon carbide whisker sicw

Epoxy resin glue is prepared by epoxy resin, filler, etc. It has the characteristics of high adhesion strength, high hardness, good rigidity, can resistance, alkali, oil and organic solution, and reduced contraction. The current epoxy adhesion intensity is high, but there are still some shortcomings of the bonding of some high -strength structures, and it is necessary to further improve the adhesion strength.

Silicon Carbide Whiskers SICW is a very small -diameter fiber that grows in a single crystal form under special conditions. It has a highly ordered atomic arrangement structure. Essence Many studies have shown that the crystal must be filled in the epoxy resin matrix, which can effectively solve these shortcomings and greatly improve the comprehensive performance of epoxy resin.

Because of SiC Silicon Carbide Whiskers SICW small diameter and large diameter ratio, it has the characteristics of high strength, high modular amount and excellent heat resistance, and has a unique effect in the modification of polymer materials. SiC whiskers modified epoxy resin can further improve its mechanical properties (enhanced toughness), friction -resistant and wear -resistant performance, and anti -static performance.

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