Iron Nanoparticles(ZVI,zero valence iron,HONGWU) in agriculture application

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, nanotechnology has been widely used in various fields, and the agricultural field is no exception. As a new type of material, iron nanoparticles have many excellent properties and can play an important role in agricultural production. The application of nano iron powder in agriculture will be introduced below.


1. Soil remediation: Iron Nanoparticles(ZVI) can be used for soil remediation, especially for soil contaminated with heavy metals, organic matter and pesticides. Nano Fe powder has a large specific surface area and high adsorption capacity, which can absorb and degrade pollutants in the soil and reduce its toxic effects on crops.


2. Fertilizer synergist: Iron Nanoparticles(ZVI) can be used as a fertilizer synergist to improve nutrient utilization and absorption by combining with traditional fertilizers. Due to the small particle size and large specific surface area of nano ZVI powder, it can increase the contact area between fertilizer and soil particles, promote the release and absorption of nutrients, and improve crop growth and yield.


3. Plant protection: Iron Nanoparticles(ZVI) have certain antibacterial properties and can be used to prevent and control plant diseases and insect pests. Spraying iron nanopowder on the surface of crops can inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and reduce the occurrence of diseases. At the same time, iron nano powder can also be used to protect plant roots and has a certain bactericidal effect on rhizosphere pathogenic bacteria.


4. Water treatment: Iron Nanoparticles(ZVI) are also widely used in the field of water treatment. It can be used to remove heavy metals and organic pollutants from water. Fe nano powder can effectively convert pollutants in water into harmless substances and improve water quality through mechanisms such as reduction, adsorption, and catalytic reactions.


5. Crop nutrition regulation: Iron Nanoparticles(ZVI) can also be used for crop nutrition regulation. By coating or modifying nano iron powder, it can be carrier-based to give it sustained-release properties. This can control the release rate and amount of nutrients, meet the nutrient needs of different crops at different growth stages, and enhance the stress resistance and quality of crops.


In short, Fe nanoparticles, as a new type of material, have broad application prospects in the agricultural field. It can play an important role in soil remediation, fertilizer efficiency enhancement, plant protection, water treatment, and crop nutrition regulation, providing technical support for agricultural production and promoting sustainable agricultural development. With the advancement of more research and applications, it is believed that the application of Fe nanopowders in agriculture will continue to expand and bring more benefits to agricultural production.


Post time: Apr-15-2024

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