Why can nano iron nickel cobalt alloy particle be widely used in the field of catalysts?

The special structure and composition of iron nickel cobalt alloy nano material endow it with excellent catalytic activity and selectivity, allowing it to exhibit excellent performance in a variety of chemical reactions.


In which catalyst fields are Iron nickel cobalt alloy nano FeNiCo particles commonly used?

1. Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalyst: Oxygen reduction reaction is a key reaction in energy conversion devices such as fuel cells and metal-air batteries. The nano FeNiCo ternary alloy catalyst can effectively catalyze the oxygen reduction reaction and improve the efficiency and performance stability of the battery.

2. CO2 conversion catalyst: iron nickel cobalt alloy nanopowder can also be used as a catalytic converter for CO2, converting CO2 into high value-added chemicals such as formic acid, methanol and acetic acid. This helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve resource utilization of CO2.

3. Wastewater treatment catalyst: iron nickel cobalt alloy nanoparticle can be used to catalytically oxidize organic pollutants in wastewater. By catalyzing oxidation reactions, they can effectively convert organic pollutants into harmless products, promoting wastewater treatment and environmental protection.

4. Hydrogenation reaction catalyst: iron nickel cobalt alloy nano powder shows good catalytic activity and selectivity in hydrogenation reaction.

5. Organic synthesis catalyst: FeNiCo alloy nano material has wide applications in the field of organic synthesis. They can be used to catalyze a variety of organic synthesis reactions such as hydrogenation, coupling reactions, carbonylation reactions and alkylation reactions, providing efficient, selective and environmentally friendly catalysts.


What factors will affect the catalytic performance of iron nickel cobalt alloy nano particle?

The catalytic performance of nano ternary alloy FeNiCo is affected by factors such as grain size, morphology control, and surface modification. Through appropriate alloy composition, catalyst preparation methods and surface modification technology, the activity and stability of nano iron-nickel-cobalt catalysts can be further improved and its application potential in the field of catalysts can be expanded.


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