Nano gold colloidal and immune gold marking technology

Nano gold colloidal is gold-soluble gel with a diameter of the dispersed phase particles at 1-100 nm.

Nano gold colloid

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Immune gold marking technology is a technology that forms an immune gold composite with many protein marks, including antigen and antibodies, to form a technology. When the sample of the test is added to the sample pad at the end of the test strip, move forward through the cap action, and then reflects each other after dissolving the colloidal gold marker reagent on the pad, and then moves to the fixed antigen or antibody areas. 

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The rapid testing of colloidal gold immune layer is widely used in POCT in medical clinical tests with its fast, simple, sensitivity and high -specific advantages, such as pregnancy tests, pathogens and antibodies, food safety, and drug abuse. For some children from other places, quickly getting the results also provides convenience for their medical treatment. Because of these advantages, the golden standard testing of pneumonia products has been loved by the teachers and patients of the hospital inspection department and patients. In addition, the golden label detection of tuberculosis antibodies provides a convenient and fast method for the initial screening of tuberculosis, which is especially suitable for the new and recruits’s medical examination items. Similarly, the golden label series also has the detection of chlamydia and solution mycoplasma mycoplasma.

In the field of animal epidemic diagnosis, there have been many reports of research and application of golden label diagnostic reagents for livestock and poultry and pets, such as swine fever, bird flu, and small viruses of dogs. Winnamed the favor of livestock breeding staff and medical staff.


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