High -power device produces large heat during working. If it is not exported in time, it will seriously reduce the performance of the interconnected layer, which will affect the performance and reliability of the power module.


Nano silver sintering technology is a high -temperature packaging connection technology that uses nano -silver cream at a lower temperature, and the sintering temperature is far lower than the melting point of the silver -shaped silver. The organic components in nano -silver paste decompose and volatilize during the sintering process, and eventually form a silver connection layer. The nano -silver sintering connector can meet the requirements of the third -generation semiconductor power module package and the requirements of low -temperature connections and high temperature service. It has excellent thermal conductivity and high temperature reliability. It has been applied in large quantities in the process of power device manufacturing. Nano -silver cream has good conductivity, low temperature welding, high reliability, and has high temperature service performance. It is currently the most potential low -temperature welding interconnection material. It is widely used in the GAN -based power LED package, MOSFET power device and IGBT power device. Power semiconductor devices are widely used in 5G communication modules, LED packaging, Internet of Things, aerospace modules, electric vehicles, high -speed rail and rail transit, solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, smart grids, smart home appliances and other fields.


According to reports, the light sink made of 70nm silver powder for thermal exchange material can make the working temperature of the refrigerator reaches 0.01 to 0.003K, and the efficiency can be 30%higher than that of traditional materials. By studying different contents of nano -silver doped (BI, PB) 2SR2CA2CU3OX block material, it is found that nano -silver doping reduces the melting point of the material and accelerates the high TC (TC refers to the critical temperature, that is, from normal state to superconductive state. The formation of the resistance disappearing).


The heating wall material for nano silver for low -temperature dilution refrigeration devices can reduce the temperature and reduce the temperature from 10mkj to 2mk. The solar cell single crystal silicon wafer sintering silver pulp can increase the thermal conversion rate.



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