The phase transition temperature of tungsten-doped vanadium dioxide (W-VO2) mainly depends on the tungsten content. The specific phase transition temperature may vary depending on experimental conditions and alloy compositions. Generally, as the tungsten content increases, the phase transition temperature of vanadium dioxide decreases.

HONGWU provides several compositions of W-VO2 and their corresponding phase transition temperatures:

Pure VO2: phase transition temperature is 68°C.

1% W-doped VO2: phase transition temperature is 43°C.

1.5% W-doped VO2: phase transition temperature is 30°C.

2% W-doped VO2: phase transition temperature ranges from 20 to 25°C.


Applications of tungsten-doped vanadium dioxide:

1. Temperature sensors: Tungsten doping allows for the adjustment of the phase transition temperature of vanadium dioxide, enabling it to exhibit metal-insulator transition near room temperature. This makes tungsten-doped VO2 suitable for temperature sensors to monitor temperature changes within a specific temperature range.

2. Curtains and smart glass: Tungsten-doped VO2 can be used to create adjustable curtains and smart glass with controllable light transmittance. At high temperatures, the material exhibits a metallic phase with high light absorption and low transmittance, while at low temperatures, it exhibits an insulating phase with high transmittance and low light absorption. By adjusting the temperature, precise control over light transmittance can be achieved.

3. Optical switches and modulators: The metal-insulator transition behavior of tungsten-doped vanadium dioxide can be utilized for optical switches and modulators. By adjusting the temperature, light can be allowed to pass through or blocked, enabling optical signal switching and modulation.

4. Thermoelectric devices: Tungsten doping enables the adjustment of both the electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of vanadium dioxide, making it suitable for efficient thermoelectric conversion. Tungsten-doped VO2 can be utilized to fabricate high-performance thermoelectric devices for energy harvesting and conversion.

5. Ultrafast optical devices: Tungsten-doped vanadium dioxide demonstrates ultrafast optical response during the phase transition process. This makes it suitable for the fabrication of ultrafast optical devices, such as ultrafast optical switches and laser modulators.


Post time: May-29-2024

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